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Welcome to The Obvious Company

We couldn't think of a clever name for our business so we chose... an obvious one. 

Let me show you around

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tl;dr (too long; didn't read) I just want to buy clothes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (or FAQ)

1. Where am I?
You're at www.theobviouscompany.com

2. What is the point of your company?
We make clothing. At least before world domination.

3. What kind of clothing?
Obvious clothing, you know like t-shirts that say t-shirt. on them, hoodies that say hoodie. on them, etc.

4. What are all these videos about?
They are to explain why we do what we do at The Obvious Company.

5. Who is that weird guy in the videos?
Don't talk about Captain Obvious like that. (He's our boss)

6. But I don't want to watch these videos...
Then don't.

7. So how did you come up with the brand idea?
Watch the video.

8. How'd you come up with the design?
Watch the video.

9. So you're telling me that the price I see is the price I pay?
Watch the video.

10. Are you going to answer any other questions? or are you going to keep saying "Watch the video."?

11. Why are you talking like that?

12. This is the stupidest and longest FAQ.
That's not a question.

13. So... Where do I give you my money?